Tea Towel love – the quilt adventure

by Jo Grant

If you’ve ever looked around my blog you might have picked up by now that I am a bit obsessed with tea towels. Used, worn, faded, I love ’em all. I have made many things with them over the last couple of years and have a very big collection (donations MOST welcome by the way…).

One of the things I’ve made that I am most proud of is this ‘tea towel quilt’ made as a collaboration with Mum, a skilled and experienced sewer/quilter. Admittedly I didn’t do a lot of the technical sewing but helped as much as my knowledge allowed. At first she was challenged because the quilt was being made out of irregular material (this provides all sorts of technical problems) but she rallied like a trooper and went outside her comfort zone. My part in the process was to choose and design the fabric pieces and colours. The quilt turned out beautifully despite breaking the rules a little – its a lovely piece and I love it more every time I look at it.

The quilt is made of vintage tea towels and table cloths with red damask on the back. A detail shot of the quilt is used on my background page here.

And for dog lovers, you can find a 30 second film of my puppy at 8 weeks playing on the quilt – a bit more close up action (here).

my tea towel quilt

hanging in an exhibition in 2010 called, ‘Conversation Piece’, a collaboration between mothers and daughters

long shot of the same exhibition

pegged up outside in a recent exhibition in the beautiful Australian bush