Growing back – a work about the environment

by Jo Grant

A little while back I was asked to be a part of an exhibition in Portland (Victoria, AUST) called Environment Change – a visual response, curated by Catherine Bailey and Sandra Winkworth, both talented ladies. Catherine had seen my installation at the Merrijig and asked me to expand one aspect of it. I took some of the pieces I used in the wall hanging to make this piece, called ‘Growing Back’. It’s a response to my observations of ‘growing your own’ and ‘making your own’ coming back into fashion as a way acknowledging the environmental issues we face at this time in history. I have used vintage book pages and vintage material & thread in the piece.

The exhibition is on until February, 2013 and includes a bunch of other clever people. Sandra has posted some of her pieces on her blog here and you can find some photos of the exhibition on the Facebook page.

growing back detail



gb full