A drawing a day (for play)

by Jo Grant

Myself and a few friends recently decided to start a ‘drawing a day’ project (a suggestion inspired by a similar project I was following on Instagram – go follow the great and wonderful @eleanorvee to see what I mean).

Apart from being fun (the main reason for doing this) and giving me a small space each day for creative focus, this little project is testing my drawing skills. I need to develop them, push them a bit further….get them back again. My approach so far has been to draw on any scrap of paper I find in the studio and to choose found objects.  I’m enjoying it so far, disasters and all.






Dog toy - poor deflated cow

Dog toy – poor deflated cow

Here’s a few ‘drawing a day’ projects by amazing people: ‘One drawing a day’, ‘Drawing a day for a year‘, ‘One drawing each day‘, and here at Lauren Nassef.